July 14, 2020

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27-09-2018 · The forex market structure is quite different from other market structures. Compared to the stock market, forex market structure is decentralized. But the stock market is a centrally controlled market structure. Let’s have a look at how the stock market structure stands. ...read more


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The foreign exchange market can be divided in two segments: the interbank market and the customer market. Two advances in trading technology, electronic brokers in the interbank market and ...read more


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08-11-2020 · Cambrist: An individual who is deemed to have above-average knowledge of the foreign exchange market. A cambrist can relate to anyone who deals … ...read more


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At its core, market structure accommodates a series of peaks and troughs. Reasonably straightforward to identify, peaks and troughs are distinguishable on all timeframes and aid trend recognition. Figure 1.1 illustrates basic market movement, consisting of four key swing points: HH – Higher high (higher peak) HL – Higher low (higher trough) LL – Lower low (lower trough) LH – Lower high (lower peak) ...read more


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This is the basic market structure of a bull move. In a bear market, price is making lower highs and lower lows. This is the basic structure in a bear move. In between these bull and bear moves, we have cycles that interact with each other. Market cycles are shifts between bull and bear moves, because remember, guys, that even if we are in a bull move, we are going to have retracements off that bull … ...read more


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But the structure of the forex market is rather unique because major volumes of transactions are done in Over-The-Counter (OTC) market which is independent of any centralized system (exchange) as in the case of stock markets. The participants in this market are: ...read more


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The forex market structure may be represented as shown below − Market Participants In the above diagram, we can see that the major banks are the prominent players and smaller or medium sized banks make up the interbank market. ...read more


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30-01-2019 · Forex market structure consist of participants like institutional investors, currency speculators and individuals who make a trade through dealers, financial firms (who mostly are banks), insurance or similar financial firms. ...read more


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Market Structure is the technical structure of any market that appears over time as one primary position holds the majority of the strength (buyers or sellers). Market structure is a key technical understanding to be able to identify what the market has been doing in the past and what it has the potential to do in the future. ...read more


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13-06-2016 · Basic Forex Market Structure The market moves in up and down waves that form “ swings ”. The pattern made by these swings is what is used to define an uptrend or a downtrend. ...read more


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Foreign Exchange Market Definition - Investopedia ...read more


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Mastering the Forex Market Structure. Some of you, especially the beginners, gets frustrated by seeing abrupt changes of the market prices without even understanding how to interpret or follow the trends. At times it may seem as if they are things out of the blue. ...read more


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8 hours ago · market structure is the way a chart is formed. with higher highs, lower lows etc. you wanted to buy a phone that costed 400$ but didnt have money at the time now it costs 600$ and you find it expensive. price will keep rising but you dont want to spend that much. price comes back at 450, you say, ok i'll buy now (that is your entry) ...read more


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31-08-2017 · A common favourite book for many traders and market structure types, it is often named as the book that made many 'want to go into trading'. Published in 1923 this fictional ...read more